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We all really enjoyed playing at Moira Calling 2016. It was the first year of the festival but they were very well organised in terms of stage production and site security, but most importantly, artist hospitality. There was a buffet of food and drinks provided for bands as well as a table tennis table. We really enjoyed our experience both on and off stage and look forward to playing there again someday!



New Portals

Brown Lemonade have an infectious passion for great live music and this translated into a wonderful festival experience for the artists they had playing at Moira's Calling. There was lots of communication in the run up to the event, a dedicated artist's tent, a great sound team, beautiful stages as well as staggered billings made it a real joy to be a part of.


Hannah McPhillimy

Moira Calling is such a well put together indie festival. Exactly what Moira needed! A festival with a relaxed family atmosphere and an eclectic mixture of new live music. The setting was perfect for the punters and the artists, the compact layout made for a real sociable evening too, meeting like minded local people and having a memorable night! 

Rock on Moira Calling!!! 

Michael Mormecha

moira calling
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